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Throughout time - humanity sustained through continued human interventions towards maintaining our kindness. That time has arrived again - where we need to unite towards nurturing the sustainability of our human needs - beyond the unbelievable promises of the era of autonomous data mining machines - aka AI. Our young need to be taught how to continue to innovate on sustaining our food security, water preservation, energy generation, family property development, death covers and taxes. Welcome to the school of sustainability - to be launched at https://schoolos.online


We are proud to announce the pre-order discount for MOADEVICE100 and the subscription for the School of Sustainability - our bespoke digital assessment school for all subjects and the first digital school to introduce innovation as a subject - to inspire a purposeful and productive society - from tender age...


We are now ready to give the control of machines to humanity... Please welcome MOADEVICE100... we are human... designed by MOADE LOS - https://moade.online and distributed by Nyayo Zetu - to be launched soon...

Your digital opportunity

Grow with us, digitally.

In the advent of artificial intelligent (AI) solutions – all businesses need to speedily align all their services and product offerings with a digital marketplace. We are presenting Nyayo Zetu – “Our footprints” – as the digital opportunity all sizes of business – especially the small business sector – need to access software, hardware and network solutions – through our investment and incentives model.

Invest in your business 

growth with us


Where your digital services can create more business in order to create the funding required for their cost.


That will benefit your business, your core team, your customers and your digital tools


Information technology (or digital tools) can be used to generate more revenue for your business.

Business digital needs
Human costing model
Digital tools
Sustainability impact projects

The Input

The cost of accessing digital solutions has always been defined by the cost of software, hardware and services such as connectivity (networks). To each business – this cost has always been recorded as an additional cost to their labour and services cost. In order to remove this cost, we have designed an investment and incentives model – where digital services can create more business in order to create the funding required for their cost.

The Process

All businesses exist with the desire to grow through profit growth. The general formula for any business is to reduce the cost of running the business and maximise on the return on the investment of capital. We have developed an ethical AI model – we coined – the moadefy model that will enable all businesses to only incur the normal labour cost – which can be used to create a saving that will introduce an investment and incentives model – that will benefit the business, the core team, the customers and the digital tools (i.e. software, hardware and network).

The Output

Information technology (or digital tools) can be used to generate more revenue for any business. The introduction of these tools in any business must lay the foundation for a growth model – not only for normal operations. Our moadefy model positions IT as a consistent team building tool (also extending the definition of a team to consist a business, the core team, the customer team and the tool team) – that will enable the team to focus on the delivery of tasks (digitally) within the ideal task costing – and unlock the project task costing that can be divided annually with the team.

Sustainable Business Growth, in the digital world.

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